Thursday is a day when I looked at what I did in the last three days and how will I spend my next three days. And it’s really important to know for better results.- Unknown

There are people who know about this kind of stuff, people who were born already knowing this stuff.

These people say, “set the time for an hour and get to work, then call it ‘done’.”

Me: “What the heck are you talking about? If I could I would. Give me something that will really help me!”

People: “what’s wrong with you, just do it. Set the timer and do it”

Me: “mind is blank, no idea where to start.” I just go find some ‘fire’ to put out instead.

What fires? Well if you don’t know what I mean, then you are ‘those people’. I just move from what I see that needs attention. Which is everything!! It feels like I am productive, but it isn’t really a priority.

Me “trying to be people”: Schedule one hour working on how to set up a website.

Actual me: “why can’t someone just give me step by step way to host a website and setup the theme”; “when I figure this out, I am putting that step by step process out there”; “where do I find what “host” means?”; “wouldn’t be nice if I had the money to pay someone to make my website?”

While researching how much someone gets paid to create a website, I realize that I don’t have a clue what I want my website to look like, “let’s go look at Pinterest for cool website ideas.” Yep you guess it: “oooh that’s cool, I love that, I could totally make that.” Down the rabbit hole, I go. Times up.

I’m just going to go clean the kitchen for the 20th time today and clean out this drawer because right now it is bugging me. I don’t want to start a business anyway! *Netflix anyone?*

Manage our Mind not Time

It’s crazy, right?!

We can’t manage time. Time just is what it is. Time just exists. We manage our mind about it.

How do you “spend” your 24*7? imagine you have $24K a day to spend and if you don’t spend it, it goes away.

You’re like “ok, let’s go, how am I going to spend it?”

How crazy that once a moment has passed, it’s gone no matter what we did in that moment. We can’t make up time. It’s a limited resource.

Can you tell me what you did Monday starting at the beginning of the day? Give me details! Write it down.

Can you tell me Tuesday, Wednesday…

Now make a list of your top 5 time priorities and number them from 1 to 5. Write it down. These are the most important ways you want to spend your time, right?

Compare the two lists. How much of your time is spent doing things that are not most important to you?

The best news I have for you is that it in your power to stop this cycle.

I stopped the cycle of spinning in indecision throughout the day and putting out fires! I am amazed how managing my mind around time has transformed my life.

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