“Today is not just Tuesday, it is Transformation Tuesday. That means that success does not just come to you, you have to go out and get it. So what are you waiting for?”


The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.- Albert Einstein

What are your current ideas? Many of us simply don’t pay attention to our ideas or stay stagnate with the same ones, therefore, we don’t come up with new ones.

Let’s start with asking the question—what is an idea?

Google says that an idea is “a thought or suggestion of a possible course of action, or an “aim or purpose”. I really like both of these definitions.

Second question is—what is reality?

Like I mentioned in previous post, reality is simply anything that is real. It’s making something exists outside of your brain.

Reality is taking enough action so that the idea that’s in your head is also in the world.

Your ideas combined with massive action will make your ideas real.

It’s very important that you know your own ideas. It’s important to pay attention.

“I believe that you are capable of having ideas about your life and your creations that no one else is capable of having. If you ignore those ideas or don’t take the time to ever find them, you will miss out on the opportunity to offer them as results to yourself, and often to the world.”

Brooke Castillo

Ideas + Massive Action = Idea Made Real

Over this next month, we’re going to complete this formula for at least one of your ideas.

  • First, We’ll start by digging for the ideas that you have already created
  • Then, We’re going to discover idea you would like to create and achieve, but haven’t yet
  • Next, we’ll create an action plan for achieving your ideas that starts with taking action right now and every day
  • Lastly, we’ll document and overcome any obstacles that could invite you to quit before you have achieved your aim

See you next time!

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