I have decided to start a podcast. Yikes, what the heck?!

It’s been on my mind and while driving to get gas this morning, I chose to have quiet time in the car and was thinking about what I read in the scriptures this morning. I read about building a house in DC 97, right?

Last week i studied the first talk in the inklings institute with Emily Belle Freeman. The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation by Russell M Nelson. The focus last week was on gaps, erosion and instability.

So when I read Section 97 ( I had caught up to the reading, so I went back to some I missed), I saw the promise that “inasmuch as my people build a house unto me in the name of the Lord…my glory shall rest upon it; yea my presence shall be there, for all the pure in heart shall see God.”

I wrote in the margin. “Build your temple; you’re a temple”

So i was thinking about that and thought, “I could use that as a podcast theme!”, then I remembered my tagline used to include the phrase “gladden your heart” (another D&C reference 59:15,18). The fullness of the earth will be yours. It was like pure inspiration! I have a podcast name!

My podcast name will be “gladden your heart even though…” I came home and wrote down 30 ideas to speak about. I am so excited.

We have things around us that we can’t control, and we often feel these circumstances weigh us down.

even though…

Never mind that we are doing it to ourselves. We feel overwhelm, frustration, stress, hopeless because of sentences in our brain, so why not feel glad?

Glad is a strange word. We say “I’m so glad you came”, “I’m glad he liked the gift i gave him.”

Glad basically means make happy.

Then gladden is to make glad or to be glad.

So the act of gladden the heart has a subtle connotation of feeling the sadness, or grief, or pain while still being grateful, pleased, open. Almost like a broken heart, but with a healing salve of love and grace.

Even though we experience hard things, we can gladden our heart. We can make our heart glad to receive the good things the Lord has prepared for you. We can experience joy amidst the struggles. We can feel peace even though we are suffering.

Come take a listen Nov 2 to my first episode of Gladden your Heart with Kim Rasmussen